How to Play Roulette Online

How to Play Roulette Online

Playing Roulette invokes images of smartly dressed people propping up the felt table and James Bond coolly quaffing martinis while scouting out his enemy. But aside from its upper-class image, Roulette can be enjoyed by anyone from the comfort of their own home – you can even stay in your pyjamas if you like! So how do you play the game? And what strategies can you use to win?

Roulette Basics – How to Play Online

Firstly, the wooden wheel has 37-38 grooves known as ‘pockets.’ These pockets each have a number above them between 1-36 and are placed out of sequence. The backgrounds of these numbers will either be black or red. For the remaining one or two pockets, the number 0 and possibly the number 00 will be displayed on green backgrounds. A European table will only have the 0, an American board will also have 00. There’s also a small white plastic ball which is spun on the wheel by the croupier and fits into one pocket during the spin.

Roulette chips don’t have a monetary value printed on them, so online you must decide what each chip is worth by adjusting the bet amount. Your chips will usually be a different colour to other players in the game which mimics what would happen in a real-life casino.

Minimum and maximum table limits are shown on the table. Sometimes in online roulette games, you will find the minimum and maximum bet amounts listed in the gaming lobby under each individual game. Find a game that suits your bankroll and get going.

Betting Types

When entering the Roulette game, you will see that there are lots of betting options available. It can look very daunting at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it, Each number on the board is represented by a circle on the felt, and the collective numbers are contained in a long rectangle. Betting on these numbers is called an ‘inside bet.’

Outside bets can be placed on whether the number spun is likely to be odd or even, red or black, in the first 12 numbers, the second 12 numbers or the third 12 numbers, the first 18 numbers or the second 18 numbers. The shortest odds are offered on the even and odd and the red and black options but are not 50/50 as there is a house advantage of 0 and possibly 00 on the board too.
These outside bets pay out smaller odds than inside bets as inside bets are statistically less likely to pay off. Once you’ve decided on your bet, place your chips on the relevant number(s) and wait for the croupier to start the spin.

In live roulette games, the croupier calls ‘No more bets’ when the game is ready to start. In an online game, this phrase may appear in the middle of the screen. The wheel spins in a clockwise manner, and the croupier will release the ball in an anticlockwise direction. Eventually, the ball comes to a halt, and the number and wherever it rests is the winning number. If you lose, the croupier will collect you bet. If you win the croupier will leave it on the board to ‘let it ride’ which is Roulette speak for repeating the bet for the next spin. If you don’t want a repeat bet, you only have until the croupier calls ‘No more bets’ to remove your chips from the board.

Words/Phrases You May Hear Playing Roulette Online

  • Croupier – The person who takes bets and pays them out as well as dropping the ball on the spinning wheel.
  • Let it ride – Keeping winning chips on the same number for the following spin in the hope of repeat success.
  • Snake Eyes – A term used to describe a 00 result.
  • Inside bet – Bets that are within the long area of the board containing the individual numbers.
  • Outside bet – Bets that are on a larger range of numbers that are not from the long area of the board.
  • Split bet – A bet on two numbers adjacent to each other.
  • Street bet – A bet on three numbers in a row.
  • Corner bet – A bet on four numbers where the chip is placed on the corner that joins all four numbers.
  • Five number – A five number bet on an American wheel where you bet on the 0, 00 1-3 numbers.
  • Double Street – A bet on two streets at once.
  • En Prison – A French rule that freezes all bets if the ball rests on the 0. If a 0 occurs on the following spin, the bets are taken by the house.

Quick Strategy for Roulette Online

There are many strategies out there for playing Roulette online and we recommend you research as many as possible to get to grips with what works well for you. We’ll discuss just one of these, the D’Alambert system.

D’Alambert is used on red and black, odd and even, 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 bets only. All you do is pick a starting bet, say £1 and increase your bets by one every time you lose your bet. If you win, you lower the bet by one. So for example, if you bet £1 on red and then lost, your next bet on red would be £2. This one might lose, so you bet after that would be £3. You win this bet, so for the next red bet, you bet £2 and so on.

Over time you should find that the sequence evens out and once you have even wins and losses you will always be in profit. You won’t win huge sums of cash this way, but it is safe and requires a low bankroll.


Roulette can be great fun and produce some nice wins. There are lots of advanced guides out there to look at, and many strategies have been developed over the years so arm yourself before you bet big. Have fun and set yourself a limit so that you are in control of your losses and it can be a game with great reward.